Price samples for exhibition stands building.

Every exhibition stand that we create is unique. We don't have standard constructions and solutions, all stands have their own image and style. How is the price formed? There are four price groups of stands:


Category 1. BUSINESS. A small area booth, without raised floor and rigging construction with iron basis and banner. Interesting graphic solutions are possible as well as lightening systems and custom made reception counters.

Build-up price starts from 200 euro sq.m.


Category 2. BUSINESS PLUS. A stand of complex form without rigging, raised floor is possible. Combination of wood and iron basis. Tv screens, custom made reception counters and showcases.

Build-up price starts from 250 euro per sq.m.


Category 3. PREMIUM. The basis of the stands construction is wood. Plastic, metal are the possible variants of facing, raised floor with lightning, rigging. Large multimedia surfaces, premium furniture, lightbox reception counters.

Build-up price starts from 300 euro per sq.m.


Category 4. PREMIUM PLUS. A stand of complex form with a large rigging with multimedia surfaces, a lot of seamless screens, premium materials used for facing, furniture and reception counters of premium level, custom made floral decoration and much more.

Build-up price starts from 400 euro per sq.m.